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From a frozen shoulder to a thriving yoga studio

The journey of SPACE Yoga

Dee was introduced to yoga in 2008 when a friend suggested it might help her frozen shoulder. Like many people, she started to practise yoga to relieve a physical issue but quickly discovered it also brought benefits for calming the mind and reducing anxiety.

Regular practice led Dee to a teacher training in Mexico to learn more, although she had no intention of becoming a yoga teacher. Her continued learning led to a love of Yin yoga and a life-changing experience in Greece with teacher Biff Mithoefer. Eventually, Dee's journey of teaching yoga as a hobby began in 2017 whilst also running a furniture business on the Isle of Man.

Move the clock forwards to 2019 when the world was turned upside down, businesses closed and Zoom classes began, and SPACE Yoga was born. First, we created a thriving online yoga community and later we built our beautiful studio within the furniture store.

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More about Dee

  • Dee has a passion for Yin yoga: the deep stretching, the releasing, calming and meditative aspects all developing greater ease in the physical, mental and emotional bodies.
  • Dee has trained with Yin teacher Jo Phee and follows the principles of functional movement. This gives people the best chance of finding ease in their bodies and calming the mind which leads to the deeper, more subtle aspects of the yoga experience.
  • Dee teaches the majority of the classes at SPACE but also has a great support team, some of whom teach weekly classes and cover while she's away.
Dee Stockman, Founder of SPACE Yoga

Dee's teaching is caring and individual...

"I just love Dee’s classes and the space that she has created for clients to practise in. As a health coach, yoga teacher and keen sports person, Dee’s classes always support what my body & mind needs at the time. I always leave her classes feeling balanced. Dee’s teaching style is of a caring and individual nature and she always provides alternatives if certain poses are a bit too challenging for the body!"
– Wendy

What's special about SPACE Yoga Studio? 

SPACE Yoga Studio offers a tranquil space located within HOMECO in the centre of Douglas on the Isle of Man.

The studio is a peaceful and calm, cosy and warm space – the perfect place to practise yoga, move the body, stretch and relax. We have changing facilities and all equipment is provided, including mats.

For directions to SPACE Yoga Studio, visit our Contact page. 

I feel more relaxed every time...

"Space studio is a great place. Every time I've been there I feel more relaxed and my muscles feel great. Especially after a rope yoga class – you can feel how much stronger you get every time. Dee is a great teacher and I look forward to every class."
– Sabine 

The Rope Wall at SPACE Yoga Studio

The Rope Wall

One of the things that makes our studio unique is our Yoga Rope Wall – the first on the island. The Rope Wall was first developed and refined by BKS Iyengar. He used simple secured ropes as a prop to support and intensify his asana practice using gravity and natural resistance. He found that this caused the body to open much further and more easily than in regular yoga practice. 

Our Rope Wall is a system of adjustable straps and a comfortable pelvic swing to accommodate every height and body type, from beginners to more advanced practitioners. Despite it sounding a little scary to some, it's actually a really good way for beginners to learn the principles of yoga movement. 

Because you're safely supported by the ropes, you can stretch and strengthen the hard to reach places of the spine. This allows for increased mobility in the joints and brings the mind into a calmer, more balanced state

Supported inversions can bring a fresh perspective and a feeling of playfulness to your practice. Did you know? The only two mammals that never get arthritis are bats and sloths who spend most of their lives upside down!

Yoga Classes at SPACE Yoga Studio

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