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A deeper understanding of your partner

Are you interested in opening your heart to each other? To let your partner feel your deepest desires? Navigate the challenges that couples experience using the Alhambra perfumes to guide you towards a greater understanding of one another.

This could prove to be a truly testing experience, as each couple may have distinct preferences. However, you might also resonate on a similar frequency, allowing you to discover your compatibility through shared scents without the knowledge of each perfume’s significance. This experiment may reveal hidden tensions that we might not openly address out of fear of causing harm or discomfort to our partner. Perfumes have the power to enhance communication between partners and unveil each other’s secret desires.

Can we truly decipher our partner’s secrets through their scent choices? Is this a journey we’re willing to embark on? Are we ready to unveil our deepest wishes and emotions to our significant other?

This workshop involves the intricate mix of prediction and intuition.

About Kira

Kira is a lover of flowers and organic perfumes. She’s the creator of Alhambra perfumes, a unique range of perfumes that can bring the healing power of flowers into your life.

The creation of Alhambra perfumes is a project that started 10 years ago in the beautiful fragrant lavender fields in the south of France. After many years of working for large chemical companies, Kira decided to create her own healing perfumes – Alhambra perfumes.

She became captivated by the exceptional beauty of natural scents, inspiring her to blend these scents with rituals and meditations to explore emotional healing on a profound cellular level. Embracing these fragrances enhances our creativity in personal endeavours, nurtures our emotions, aids in healing our past wounds, uncovers new abilities and fosters a deep connection with our body on a cellular level. Kira’s work revolves around her visions, rituals and meditations, which resonate with the heart, encouraging it to beat vibrantly once more and bathe in feelings of lightness and love.

Alhambra perfumes

The Alhambra perfumes harness the healing essence of flowers to enhance your life. Handcrafted with meticulous care, these perfumes prioritise the unique healing quality of each ingredient. They help to harmonise emotions, promote mental tranquillity and cultivate qualities such as wisdom, intuition, self-awareness, self-confidence and self-expression.

Alhambra offers a range of 45 different perfumes, crafted using natural ingredients such as resins and essential oils sourced from various countries including France, India and Australia. Each perfume undergoes a natural maturation process lasting 1 to 2 months without the need for any chemicals to accelerate the production process.

Through a mindful blending process that accentuates the inherent healing powers of each component, these perfumes aim to create not just a delightful fragrance but a therapeutic experience that nurtures emotional wellbeing. They’re applied in a gentle therapeutic manner, capable of profoundly influencing our psyche, liberating our minds and elevating our spirits by alleviating the burdens of everyday stress and anxiety.

By incorporating these perfumes into our daily routine, we can achieve emotional equilibrium, fortitude in adversity, meaningful social connections and the removal of internal obstacles to give and receive love freely. Embracing the natural healing properties of floral essences offers a subtle yet potent way to enhance emotional resilience and positively transform our lives.

Integrating the wisdom of floral healing into our daily rituals can yield profound benefits, fostering deep emotional connections and inner harmony, both with ourselves and the world.

Time & date

Sunday 11 August | 7.00pm – 8.30pm | £45

Limited to 12 spaces

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