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No experience or flexibility required 

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All our classes are appropriate for any age, shape or size. No experience or flexibility is required. Just show up and enjoy our classes without the worry of judgement or being out of your depth.

If you have any questions before booking, please get in touch.

Class schedule

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All classes are 1 hour unless otherwise stated.


10:00 Stretch & Unwind
18:00 Rope Stretch
19:15 Energy Flow


10:00 Yoga for Cancer
(75 mins)
18:00 Yin
19:15 Sleep Course*
(see Events for details)


10:00 Rope Stretch
12:10 RESET (40 mins)
18:00 Stretch & Unwind 


18:00 Yin


07:30 Sunrise Stretch (45 mins)
17:45 Stretch & Unwind (45 mins)
17:45 Full Moon Yin & Sound** 
(see Events for details)


09:00 Beginners Intro to SPACE** 
(see Events for details)
10:15 Stretch & Unwind
11:30 Rope Stretch
(experience required)


17:00 Sound Relaxation

*Yoga for Sleep & Cancer are run as courses. See events for more info.
**Full Moon Yin & Sound and Beginners Yoga are run as monthly classes. See events for more info. 

It's done wonders for my flexibility...

"I've been doing the Yin yoga class for over two years now and love it. Dee is a wonderful teacher who explains everything really well. It’s done wonders for my flexibility and breathing, and I highly recommend it."
– Jo

Class descriptions

We offer a range of classes within our current timetable. Read the descriptions below for more details.

Yin with Dee

Yin is a slower practice where poses are held longer, gently stretching the connective tissues, applying a healthy stress to the joints to ease out tension and stress in the body whilst improving flexibility in the joints. A regular Yin practice can help restore harmony to every cell in the body and brings about a deep sense of wellbeing and calm. This class is appropriate for any age, shape or size. No experience or flexibility is required.

Rope Stretch with Dee

The Rope Wall was originally designed to assist students in various yoga poses with a system of adjustable straps and more comfortable pelvic swings to accommodate every height and body type. By using gravity as a natural form of resistance, the body is able to open much further than it would in a regular yoga practice. The ropes act as your own personal assistant giving hands-on adjustments, feedback and points of reference to help you let go and trust, and at other times resist against the pull of gravity or the ropes.

You can read more about our Rope Wall on the About page. 

Stretch & Unwind with Dee

In this class we offer a series of deep stretches and gentle movement combined with a deep relaxation to finish. The perfect class to start or end the day and to increase flexibility. Beginners welcome.

Beginners Intro to SPACE with Dee

Designed for absolute beginners or those wishing to renew their yoga practice. Have you always wanted to give yoga a go but feel apprehensive about what to expect? Do you think you're not flexible enough? These monthly sessions will give you an introduction to all our classes: Flow, Stretch, Yin, Ropes, Meditation.

See events for more info. 

Sleep Course with Dee

What if you could learn how to sleep or relax better using the practice of Sleep Yoga? Yoga Nidra is a state between waking and sleeping. All you need to do is lie down and be guided through the practice; no movement is required. This practice can help reduce anxiety, stress and pain and lower blood pressure. Suitable for everyone. 

See courses for more info.

Yoga for Cancer with Wendy

Yoga for Cancer is for anyone living with cancer irrespective of where you are on your cancer journey. Taking place in a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment, this class supports you in creating time and space for YOU to help you begin to move with more ease, regain your vitality and find your new self. See courses for more info. 

Pilates with Sanchia

We're delighted to welcome Sanchia to the SPACE team, a physiotherapist with over 9 years' experience in the health and wellness industry. Sanchia realised the importance of movement in rehabilitation, which led to her completing a Pilates qualification through BASI in 2017.

Sanchia's Pilates classes use the principles of strength and stability to heal the body and explore how the core can influence the mechanics of the body and pain levels. Everyone welcome.

Sound Bath with Amy

A deeply immersive and relaxing listening experience featuring gongs, crystal bowls and percussion from Amy Howse of Soundology.

You'll be 'bathed' in the rich overtones and harmonies of various therapeutic instruments. Ease out tension in the body, restore balance in the mind and take a journey inwards to reconnect with yourself.

Sunrise Stretch with Onnee

Sunrise Yoga is a slow paced, early morning stretch class, the perfect way to start your day. Gentle movement and relaxation will help to ease out tension in the body and mind. Suitable for everyone, beginners welcome.

Energy Flow with Hebe

Energy Flow is a faster paced class, combining breath with dynamic movements and strength building poses. You'll be guided towards some of the more challenging yoga poses to explore the potential of the body. Some yoga experience is preferred but not essential.

My first Yin class was a revelation...

"I've been taking Dee's classes since March 2020, rarely missing a week. My first Yin class was a revelation to me – being both incredibly relaxing and intense and challenging at the same time. I felt so calm and renewed afterwards. This is now my weekly body maintenance – by keeping up with practice I think I've saved on many visits to the osteopath as my neck and back never get as tensed up as they used to by the end of a school term!"
– Isabel

Are you a beginner?

Why not join one of our monthly beginners classes to learn the basics and build confidence?

Private Yoga Classes at SPACE Yoga, Isle of Man

Private yoga classes

Book 1-to-1 or small group sessions in Yin yoga, rope yoga or meditation to start or deepen your practice, or recover from an injury.   

Dee is very helpful and understanding...

"I very much enjoy Dee’s gentle yoga, though am no longer a beginner and every week we do something different to improve different parts of our body. Dee is very helpful and understanding in her studio and always makes it a great experience. I've also done yin and ropes, just different experiences and both satisfying."
– Michael

Sleep Course at SPACE Yoga Studio

Sleep Is Magic

Learn the essential skills to improve the quality of your sleep and experience your most rejuvenating sleep every single night with our regular sleep courses.

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