Private Yoga Classes

Start or deepen your yoga practice

Why book our private yoga classes?

  • Whether you're completely new to yoga, are returning after a break or have more experience, we'll discuss your specific requirements to create bespoke private sessions to suit your needs.
  • If you're struggling with an injury or recovering from an operation, private yoga classes can be the perfect way to ease back into some gentle movement and stretching.
  • We can offer a variety of options including deep Yin stretches, Gentle Flow or the Rope Wall.
  • Small groups are welcome as well as individuals.

A beautiful experience...

"Walking into SPACE for the first time was a beautiful experience. The warm welcome and the simple yet sophisticated decor have an immediate calming effect and make you feel at ease very quickly. It was also my first introduction to Yin yoga and I was totally won over. I've since been on several retreats with Dee, all of which were extraordinary and enriching experiences. I thoroughly recommend this studio."
– Catherine


If you'd like to dip your toes into the world of yoga but feel a little nervous or don’t know where to start, why not treat yourself to a private session to build confidence and gain the skills required to join one of our regular classes? You can also book one of our 4-week beginners courses if you prefer to learn in a group setting. 

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is suitable for everyone and focuses on long, passive stretches, working into the connective tissues. The classes introduce elements of the Chinese Meridian Systems and deep peace. A private session can be booked whether you're a complete beginner or someone wishing to explore Yin more deeply.

Rope Yoga

Our Rope Wall might seem scary at first, but it provides a really safe and fun way to experience some extra support in your yoga practice. The benefits of sustained postures, safety supported by the traction of the ropes and swing, give you a unique opportunity to refine your breathing and go deeper into the postures, reaching places regular practice can't take you. Book a private session to experience the Rope Wall at your own pace or work on specific issues. 


The Instinctive Meditation™ approach taught by Dee is a way of learning and practising meditation so that it becomes the most natural thing in the world for you – a chance to rest deeply, reclaim your love of life, release tension and emerge refreshed after a few minutes. This approach to meditation is grounded both in the ancient tradition of yoga and in the last 50 years of scientific research on the physiology of meditation.

There is no one meditation technique that works for everyone. The Instinctive Meditation™ approach is designed to show you how to access new doorways to meditation, so that you can discover a rich, rewarding meditation practice for yourself. 

This approach relies on your instinctive knowing, so that you can safely practise meditation without being dependent upon gurus, systems or external authorities.

Private Yoga Classes at SPACE Yoga
Private Yoga Classes at SPACE Yoga

It's helped me physically and mentally...

"Never in my life did I think I would try out yoga but I got dragged along with my wife and I've been going ever since. It has without doubt helped me physically and mentally. Dee and the team are amazing at moving you through the positions (especially to a limit, I'm almost 60). I cannot recommend this highly enough to people of all ages and sizes (just like me). It's such a friendly atmosphere too."
– Tom

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